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Hydor Seltz Aquarium Water Pump

SKU: 1491440
Brand: Hydor
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Hydor Seltz Aquarium Water Pump
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320 gph, 23 watts, All purpose high performance pump for fresh water and marine aquariums. This water pump has a flow control system, one-piece rotor assembly and filter sponge.

  • All-purpose, high performance aquarium pump
  • Equipped with tube connectors for non-submersible use
  • Includes a flow control system, one-piece rotor assembly and filter sponge
  • Suitable for biological, wet-and-dry filters as well as water circulation and aeration
  • Universal fish tank water pump suitable for freshwater and marine setups

Keep your water flowing with the Hydor Seltz Aquarium Water Pump. This all purpose, high performance fish tank water pump provides continuous circulation in your freshwater or marine setup. You can set up the Seltz aquarium pump either in or out of water – its unique design allows for non-submersible use. It can also support filtration processes as well as circulation and aeration in your tank. Well-circulated and aerated water is an essential part of keeping your aquarium inhabitants happy and healthy. Flowing water replicates the movement of reef currents, stimulating corals and other invertebrates to grow and thrive. The Hydor Seltz Aquarium Water Pump provides the ideal means for creating continuous water movement that resembles natural currents. You can adjust the flow of water using the aquarium pump control system; that way, you can customize the flow to suit your particular aquatic environment. The versatile design of this fish tank water pump allows you to set it up for a variety of different applications. Included with the Hydor Seltz Aquarium Water Pump system are a one-piece rotor assembly and filter sponge suitable for supporting biological, wet-dry filters. The aquarium pump is equipped with tube connectors so that you can connect the pump and use it out of water. By utilizing a design that works both in and out of water, you can position the pump to best suit your aquarium’s needs. The Seltz fish tank water pump features a universal design so that it can be used in both marine and tropical setups.