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pet technology & gadgets

Head to Petco to check out the wide-range of pet technology and gadgets to help keep your furry friends happy, fed and active.

Advancement in wearable trackers isn’t just for people anymore. You may be surprised to find out that wearable devices similar to the ones you use are also available in pet technology. These wearable pet gadgets available at Petco fit comfortably on their existing collar, so you can comfortably track and monitor your cat or dog’s activities and their location. Further, some of these wearable pet technologies can remind you of Spot’s next vet visit, grooming appointment or when it’s time to administer meds and supplements.

There are also pet gadgets for the home that not only let you keep an eye on them, but also offer a way to interact with them when you are away. Pet cameras allow you to check in on your kitty or canine, so you can see what they are up to when they are left on their own. Many of these cameras contain microphone and speakers so you can give them some encouraging words. These pet technologies are ideal if your pup experiences separation anxiety and feels relief when they hear a familiar voice. You can even entertain them with a laser pointer or deliver treats thanks to the features available on many of these pet technology products.

Besides knowing where your pet is and what they are up to, pet gadgets can ensure that they are properly fed even when you’re away. Petco offers a full range of bowls and feeders that feature the latest in pet technology. Some bowls allow you to schedule feeding times consistently and to help keep your dog or cat from overeating. Further, many smart bowls available can help you set up new shipments of food when supplies are getting low. These pet gadgets are ideal for forgetful or busy households.