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Help your pup find relief from irritating insect itches with Petco’s selection of tick removal tools and flea combs for dogs.

If your furry family member has been biting and scratching excessively, chances are they may have an infestation. Although these insects are tiny, they cause your pet tons of grief, as well as carry diseases that may affect their health. A flea comb for dogs is specifically designed to separate the layers of your canine’s coat so you can detect these tiny terrors. Featuring metal teeth that are spaced closely together, these flea combs aid in trapping your dog’s bugs and their eggs. When your pup’s coat is crawling with these pests, providing them a treatment of a flea dip can help remove them all at once. Petco features water-based flea dip formulas that work quickly to help knock down these nuisances and keep them off your pet for up to a 30 days.

If you live in a heavily-wooded area, you and your pet are no strangers to applying protection from parasites. However, even the most effective treatments may not prevent a tick tagalong, and you’ll need a removal tool to take care of them. A tick twister is one of the safest and easiest ways to remove these pests from your pet. These parasites are carriers of harmful ailments such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever and others. A tick removal tool helps you not only extract the body, but also the head, which if left behind may cause a secondary infection.

Pick up a tick removal tool or twister from Petco and help keep your pet rid of these unwanted pests.