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Sentry Calming Collar for Cats 3pk
Price: $32.99

Price: $10.29
save 69%
Sentry Calming Collar for Cats
Price: $15.99

Price: $5.09
save 68%
STAR WARS Jedi Master Cat Collar
Price: $4.99

Price: $3.69
save 26%
Good2Go Aqua Diamond Cat Collar
Price: $8.99

Price: $6.69
save 26%
Bond & Co. Black Gingham Bow Tie Cat Collar
Price: $11.99

Price: $8.99
save 25%

Collars, Leashes, and Harnesses for Indoor and Outdoor Cats

Cat collars, harnesses and leashes are a simple way to keep your cat safe and secure. A collar and identification tag is the simplest and most economical way to make sure your indoor/outdoor cat finds a way back to you should they get lost. Outdoor cats love their freedom, so keep them safe with a great collar and identifying tag.

Indoor cats also benefit from a leash and collar or harness combo. Exercise is important for any feline, and a good walk can help your cat or kitten relieve stress, stay fit, and bond with you. Whether your cat prefers a collar or harness, they’re sure to love spending the time exploring with you.

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