up to 35% off dog and cat food and up to 40% off everything else - see details
up to 35% off dog and cat food and up to 40% off everything else - see details
repeat delivery

ALWAYS up to 20% off

our lowest prices

ALWAYS free shipping

Repeat Delivery by Petco

repeat delivery

Save up to 20% with Repeat Delivery

always free shipping

ALWAYS free shipping

Applies to all member orders
and add-on items.*

always convenient

ALWAYS convenient

Delivered on your schedule –
change or modify any time.

always earn 5% back with Pals Rewards

ALWAYS earn 5% back with Pals Rewards

Automatically applies your rewards
for even more savings.

Getting started is simple.

Getting started is simple.

step 1 - Choose your product

Choose your product.

step 2 - Select Repeat Delivery

Select Repeat Delivery.

step 3 - Set your schedule

Set your schedule.

step 4

Enjoy free shipping!*

Need help? Call our VIP Hotline: 877-303-8444

Frequently asked questions

Schedule regular deliveries of your pet's essentials with Repeat Delivery for convenience and exclusive savings—including up to 20% off and always free shipping.

It's easy to subscribe!

  • Shop eligible items on petco.com
  • Select your Repeat Delivery frequency
  • Set your schedule

We recommend estimating how much your cat or dog eats per day (4 cups of kibble = approximately 1 pound) and multiply by 7 to find out how much they eat every week. Once you have the weekly amount, choose the bag size and frequency that works best for you. Adjust the frequency of your Repeat Delivery any time, if needed.

Yes! And, it's easy to apply any Reward Dollars you earn toward your Repeat Delivery orders.

Yes! Repeat Delivery subscribers get free shipping on all Repeat Delivery orders, including add-ons, even if the items ship separately.

Yes! As a subscriber, you'll always get the lowest price available from Petco.com for Repeat Delivery orders. Prices on petco.com may vary, but as a Repeat Delivery subscriber you will always receive the lowest available price at the time of your order.

Yes! Go to My Account and select the subscription you would like to change. You can Skip, Pause, Cancel or change the date of your subscription at any time.

Yes! You can add one-time items to your subscription, and they will ship free with your Repeat Delivery order. To add a new item to your subscription permanently, you must create a new subscription. To receive all subscriptions at the same time, go to Manage your Subscription and select the same delivery dates.

Go to Manage Address Book and add your new address. Once you've added your new address, go to Manage Repeat Delivery and select your new address for any upcoming orders.

Pricing may change due to business reasons, but Repeat Delivery pricing always reflects our lowest online pricing.

Your subscription can be made inactive if we encounter a problem fulfilling your scheduled order. Log in to review your Repeat Delivery subscriptions to ensure your payment and shipping information is correct. If you still need help, please contact your VIP Support Hotline at 877-303-8444.

We'll send an email to notify you that your item isn't available. Contact our VIP Support Hotline if you need help, at 877-303-8444.

If you received a special offer for a $30 e-gift card when signing up for Repeat Delivery but have yet to receive it, please contact the Repeat Delivery VIP Hotline at 877-303-8444 for assistance.

Experience the ease and convenience
of pet food delivery.

Shop this convenient dog and cat pet food delivery service today!

Subscribe to Petco's Repeat Delivery program to receive regular deliveries of pet nutrition, pest control, vitamins, supplements and other supplies necessary to promote their health and well-being. Petco’s Repeat Delivery service now includes nearly all your pet supplies including top food and treats! Experience how a regular dog or cat food delivery and other pet supply shipments help you conveniently take care of your furry family members. Enjoy great prices and save up to 20% on select brands on qualifying orders with Repeat Delivery.

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*exclusions may apply, see offer terms & conditions >

**Discounts are up to 20% off and are reflected in sale prices listed on select dog and cat food.
Dog and cat food do not qualify for additional discounts and/or promotions.

†Excludes tax, coupons and Petco gift card purchases.

‡Excludes live food, water and ice melt.