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Coralife Circulation Pump

SKU: 1336940
Brand: Coralife
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Coralife Circulation Pump
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1300 GPH, 7 Watt circulation pump for 55 - 120 gallon fresh or saltwater aquariums. Simulates reef and river currents by continually circulating water.

  • Simulates natural reef or river currents
  • Lab certified flow rating
  • Energy saving motor
  • Super strength suction cup mounting
  • Pivot bracket for custom positioning
  • Durable, titanium-plated stainless steel shaft

Simulate natural reef and river currents for a vibrant, active aquatic environment. Perfect for reef set ups, these Coralife Circulation Pumps have a pivot bracket that allows you to control the angle and positioning of the water flow to best suit your aquarium plus a super strong suction cup mounting bracket that is easy to use, reposition and is reliable to keep your pump in place. Internally the turbo impeller increases water movement whithout using more power, making these Coralife Circulation Pumps not only effective but efficient. Titanium-plated stainless steel shaft offers extra durability for a long life.