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Petco Undergravel Filters

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  • Keep your aquarium water crystal clear with an undergravel filter system
  • Convenient, trouble-free maintenance
  • Jumbo 1" adjustable lift tubes
  • Includes free filter cartridges

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Petco Undergravel Filters

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    19" L X 9.5" W For 10 gallon Aquariums SKU:689629

    Petco 10 Gallon Undergravel Filter
    $10.99 $7.69

    28.5" L X 11.5" W For 29 gallon Aquariums SKU:689645

    Petco 29 Gallon Undergravel Filter
    $14.99 $10.49


    Petco Undergravel Filters

    Petco Undergravel Filters

    Keep your aquarium water crystal clear with an undergravel filter system. Two plate filter system.

    • Durable, plastic construction.
    • Convenient, trouble-free maintenance.
    • Power with air pump or powerhead.
    • Jumbo 1" adjustable lift tubes are compatible with most powerheads.
    • Includes two free filter cartridges.


    Instructions for Connecting Undergravel Filter Plates
    1. Lay out Undergravel Filter plates before placing in aquarium. This will help you determine which sections require openings.
    2. To open water flow partitions, use pliers to snap vertical seams first. Now fold entire piece towards outside of plate, bending along horizontal seam until it breaks off.
    3. Connect Plate Locking Clips to bottom of plates. Invert and follow remaining assembly instructions.

    Easy Set-Up Instructions

    1. Feed air tubes through spout and attach airstone to bottom. Insert cartridge into spout. Insert the spout/airstone assembly into top riser tube.
    2. Insert complete riser tube assemblies into the filter plates. Twist the tube clockwise to lock it in place.
    3. Place completed unit into a clean tank and cover the filter plates with about two inches of washed gravel. Fill the tank with water using a bowl to diffuse the water.
    4. Adjust riser tube so that spout is just below water surface. Attach flexible airline (not supplied) to air tube.

    Cartridge: The cartridges supplied with this unit remove harmful gases and odors from the aquarium. They slip easily into the filter spouts with no need to disturb the set-up. For best results, they should be replaced every two to four weeks.

    Airstone: An airstone should be replaced when the airflow becomes sluggish. Tank conditions will determine the effective life of your airstones.

    Note: With the plates connected, do not use airlift method on one lift tube together with a powerhead on another lift tube. Powerhead may overcome airlift power.


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