Vet's Best Perfect-Fit Washable Male Dog Wrap

$17.99 - $19.99

Product Details
  • For male dogs
  • Breathable, comfy outer cover with quilted inner pad
  • No-leak protection
  • Fur-safe fasteners
  • Adjustable elastic for a customized fit

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Vet's Best Perfect-Fit Washable Male Dog Wrap

Our Vet's Best Perfect-Fit Washable Male Dog Wrap adjusts to the perfect measurement with the built-in hook-and-eye belt. This wrap has a moisture-wicking liner, super-absorbent microfiber pads, plastic leakproof barrier and durable outer fabric.


  1. Pull apart the hood-and-loop fastener and position the wrap under your dog's belly. The adjustable elastic band should be toward your dog's head.
  2. Pull the straps around your dog, feeding the narrow strap through the buckle. Pull the strap down and secure the hook-and-loop fastener. Make sure the fit is snug, but not tight. Center the underside of the wrap, making sure his genitals are completely covered.
  3. Fine-tune the fit using the adjustable elastic band. Secure the excess elastic by folding the strip over and buttoning.

To launder the wrap, secure the adjustable elastic bands and hook-and-loop fasteners. Wash the wrap separately in warm water on the gentle cycle and line dry.

Product Reviews
2 / 5
just ok Posted April 9, 2014
EarthToMe001 from Granby, CT

I first tried the elastic and velcro wrap-around, also offered by Petco, but the small was too small and the medium way too big for my 11-lb shih-tzu/peke mix. He's compact, so while lean, his waist is still about 18-inches - which is where the adjustable strap on this one is great.HOWEVER - unlike the other wrap or the disposable wraps, this one lies flat against his belly and "Little Louie" instead of creating a sort of pouch for the absorbent pad to seat in. It is obviously uncomfortable and he's figured out how to twist it around to the side, which obliterates any usefulness when he has to go.The pads also don't stick well to the mesh liner and get skewed or slip out, especially if the wrap gets damp.I'm using it for the moment until I can have a wrap custom-made and to save on the cost of the disposable wraps, but once I get that, this one is gone.

2 / 5
Vet's Best Wahable Male Wrap Posted March 7, 2014
midwestpetlover13 from Midwest

This product does good features . But I had trouble with a size to fit . My dog is a Boston Bull dog . He is slender in the hind quarters (about 17lbs).The xxs/xs was just a bit too small (just by a couple of inches & the s/m was tooo big ( all it did was slide around his hind quarters). I am sure on dogs with thicker coats this product may not slide around. So I had to return both sizes. Maybe the manufactuer could rethink the sizes & the cloth band because it bunches up because it is a very thin piece of material.

4 / 5
Male Dog Wrap Posted February 3, 2014
Codydog13 from Belleville, MI

This is a nice form fitting wrap and would be good for minimum leakage. However, my 13 year old dog has more than that so I taped doggie diapers or baby diapers, folded in half onto the wrap and it works wonderfully and keeps the diaper in place.

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