Think Dog Natural Louisiana Jerky Dog Treats


Product Details
  • Wholesome, soft treat
  • Hand selected ingredients
  • No wheat, corn, or soy
  • Use them as a reward
  • Made in USA

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Think Dog Natural Louisiana Jerky Dog Treats

Think Dog Louisiana Jerky is a USA made, scrumptious and wholesome treat that will leave your dog lip-smacking for more. Each ingredient has been hand selected to enhance the natural flavor of the alligator meat without using wheat, corn or soy as fillers. Our ingredients are proudly grown and harvested in North America and our meats are sourced from sustainable family farms and fisheries in Louisiana. The result is a greatly sustainable, palatable, hypo-allergenic, delectable treat.


Feeding Suggestions: Weight 1-15 lbs: 2-3 Treats per day, 16-30 lbs: 4-6 Treats per day, 31-60 lbs: 7-9 Treats per day, 61+ lbs: 10-12 Treats per day.

Product Reviews
5 / 5
My dogs love it... Posted February 16, 2014
Kackie from Baltimore, MD

I just bought this for my dogs, two miniature dachshunds, and they loved it. Can't wait to try some of the others.

4 / 5
loved by Chihuahuas, but they are quite pungent Posted February 14, 2014
friendofCharley from Lincoln, NE

We got a bag of these last month in our bark box for our Chihuahuas and they love them. I've bought three more bags in store recently (buy 2 get 1 free). My wife and daughter really despise the odor but my two Chihuahuas love them. I've only found 3 treats they both enjoy (Beggin' strips and rawhide french fries (available at PetCo only)). All three treats are like crack cocaine to them both.

4 / 5
Addictive Posted February 13, 2014
HidoiKijo from Omaha, NE

Not going to lie, these treats are pretty stinky but it's what you would expect from alligator jerky. Our 3-year old cockapoo will do anything for one of these! The first time I opened the bag, he scarfed down one treat and sat there staring at us asking for more. He kept insisting that we had more and eventually got another one. I have to buy him a bag per month. They're also easy on his stomach and have caused no problems. Definitely recommend them if you want to spoil you dog.

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