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Kaytee Complete Guinea Pig Kit

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  • Kit includes a roomy wire habitat, food, bedding, food bowl and water bottle
  • Guinea pig cage is easy to set up and requires no tools
  • Plastic base helps keep bedding inside guinea pig habitat
  • Easy snap on/off design makes cleaning fast and easy

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    You & Me Guinea Pig Starter Kit

    6.4" L X 31" W X 18.5" H SKU:2130440

    Kaytee Complete Guinea Pig Kit, 6.4" L X 31" W X 18.5" H
    $74.99 $39.99


    Kaytee Complete Guinea Pig Kit

    Kaytee Complete Guinea Pig Kit - Guinea Pig Cage & Guinea Pig Habitat

    The Kaytee Complete Guinea Pig Kit has everything you need to surround your new pet with all the comforts of home. The kit includes a guinea pig habitat, water bottle and food bowl, as well as food and bedding your new family member will love!

    With this kit, you can keep your small pet comfortable and safe. The included guinea pig cage comes complete with a deep plastic base. This base helps keep the soft, cozy bedding where it belongs: in the guinea pig habitat, and not scattered on the floor. This allows you to spend more time watching and playing with your family pet instead of cleaning. While the guinea pig cage base is made of easy-to clean plastic, the top is made of safe, chew-resistant wire so your new pet stays put, too! The top and base are designed to simply snap together without any additional tools. It makes assembly and cleaning a snap, too!

    The Kaytee Complete Guinea Pig Kit also comes with all the accessories you need to begin building a wonderful home for your pet. The included Kaytee Clean & Cozy small animal bedding absorbs liquid to help keep the guinea pig habitat clean and dry. A water bottle provides a steady supply of clean water. In this complete kit, you will also find a food bowl for your new pet. It's the perfect size for holding your guinea pig’s nutrition without taking up too much room in the guinea pig cage. Start feeding your pet with the included bag of Kaytee Fiesta Guinea Pig food, which is designed to provide optimal nutrition for your guinea pig. This nutritious food helps keep your pet healthy and active.

    The Kaytee Complete Guinea Pig Kit makes it easy to being providing wonderful care for your new pet. Complete with habitat, bedding, water bottle, food, and bowl, the kit has everything you need to give your guinea pig a happy and healthy start in a new home.


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