Trixie Natura Two Story Animal Hutch with Gabled Roof

$148.99  (Save 17%)
32.5" L X 28.25" W X 37.25" H Wire Spacing: 0.75" W
$179.99 ONLINE EXCLUSIVE $148.99

Product Details
  • 2-floor hutch with connecting indoor ramp
  • Access pets via 3 doors made with metal slide latches
  • Roof panels can be opened on each side for easy access to pets
  • Pull-out plastic tray for fast and easy cleaning
  • Upper mesh door measures 15" W X 12" H and wood door is 9" W X 12" H

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Trixie Natura Two Story Animal Hutch with Gabled Roof

Trixie Natura Two Story Animal Hutch with Gabled Roof is ideal for small groups of animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs. The two story design has a retreat area on the upper level and a non-slip ramp that allows your pets to roam inside and outside, upstairs and downstairs, in the sun or in the shade for ideal comfort. The interior hatch door gives owners the option to restrict access between levels as needed. For easy maintenance, a pull-out plastic tray is included and the hinged roof with two locking arms can be opened on each side. The Trixie Natura Two Story Animal Hutch with Gabled Roof is also suitable for breeding due to a narrow mesh of 0.75". Constructed with the finest materials and a stained pine finish, this animal hutch is sure to endure years of use with very little maintenance.

Product Reviews
4 / 5
Trixie Natura Two Story Animal Hutch with Gabled Roof Posted October 27, 2013
Blackyshutch from Valley Springs, CA

It is a nice little hutch. We actually thought it would be bigger for the price, but it is quite small. It does not have the plastic tray as promised in the add. It is not supper sturdy either. The ramp was connected backwards and we had to buy 16 gauge rabbit wire to put over the tray. Another thing we did was to put our rabbits wooden box over the wire se he wouldn't have to be on wire the whole time. Because we had to put the hut on out back patio, we placed it on plywood and ordered a large grass mat to go under it, that he could chew on.

4 / 5
Nice little hutch for one full size rabbit Posted September 13, 2013
msladybuggg from Mmakating, NY

I wanted to wait to give an accurate review. My daughter got this hutch in June with her baby bunny and the set up was pretty easy. The description stated that the hutch comes with a plastic pan for was actually metal. After contacting the company for assistance I was told the description was not correct and the hutch is now being made with metal only, so be aware. Second concern is that there is no covering over the droppings pan so the bunny is directly in the urine and feces, we purchased an after market mesh floor. So the hutch has been outside in many rain storms and has had no issues. The bunny stays nice and dry upstairs. Also the bunny started chewing the ramp connector so we had to reinforce it , but that is what bunnies do. Hope this helps.

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