Zilla Mini Halogen Reptile Dome Heat Lamp

$14.99  (Save 25%)
2.25" H X 4.25" Diameter
$19.99 ONLINE EXCLUSIVE $14.99

Product Details
  • Stylistic compact design
  • Improved safety through screen-mounting clips
  • Energy efficient
  • Produces same light/heat output as incandescent reptile heat lamps 2x - 3x higher wattage
  • Longer lasting

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Zilla Mini Halogen Reptile Dome Heat Lamp

There hasn't been much advancement in lighting technology used for reptiles that is truly innovative. This new light & heat Halogen Dome heat Lamp by Zilla is set to change all of that. Standard shop lights have been the traditional low-cost method for providing lighting for your herp, but these fixtures are bulky and can distract from the beauty of your terrarium. Now, Zilla has made it possible for reptile enthusiasts to build an environment with beauty all the way from the Zilla substrate up through the lights on top of the terrarium. This new Halogen Mini Dome will not only help your terrarium look better, it's safer too! With Zilla's new mounting spring clips that come with the Halogen Mini Dome, not only can you leave your house with a stronger comfort that your basking lamp won't get knocked off while you're away, but you don't even need to worry about where to put it when you're getting inside the terrarium. This lighting fixture will secure itself right to the top of your reptile's screen cover!

Replacement bulbs are available in Day White, Night Red, & Day Blue. These bulbs may be small, but they pack a lot of power. The light and heat output of the Mini Halogen bulbs equal 2 to 3 times that of a comparable incandescent reptile bulb, and the Mini Halogen bulbs last longer too! This means savings on the electric bill and on bulb replacement costs as well. For healthy light and essential warmth, few bulbs offer better long term performance than Zilla Mini Halogen bulbs. High intensity output, energy efficient, and small size mean Zilla Mini Halogen bulbs are a great choice for the savvy consumer or where terrarium space is limited.


Follow all directions included in package.

Product Reviews
5 / 5
Great little heat lamp Posted March 5, 2013
Sowien from Pasadena, Tx.

Bought this for my young ball pythons cage. I needed to be able to focus a small amount of heat to a basking area in his terrarium w/o adding a substancial amount of heat to the entire enclosure and this fixture achieves that easily. I've tried a few other basking bulbs but they all added to much extra heat to the ambient air temp. With this fixture using the 25w night red bulb, I maintain a basking are temp of ~95* but the rest of his terrarium stays at 85* +/- 1. And at nght it allowes the temp drop he needs... 76-78*.As for the set-up, no parts were missing and it was fast and easy to install. The fixture come w/ 2 ways to mount it, 1st- a ring w/ 3 springs attached to it can be slid down the cord and seats arround the base of the socket. then the springs can be pulled snug and attatched to a screen top (my set-up) by simply hooking it through the screen. 2nd- For tanks that have a low screen top, they include 3 steel "legs" that can be attatched to the fixture via screws to raise the level of the lamp and or keep it from sitting directly on the screen. They raise the lamp 4".In addition to all that, it's a small fixture. About 4" dia. and 3.5 " tall, so it doesn't take up alot of space on top of the terrarium or stick-out like a sore thumb.

5 / 5
Cute light lamp Posted November 7, 2012
masslady from North Adams,Ma

I purchased for my 20 gal long baby leopard gecko tank.I love it it keeps them warm they move around without realizing I can see them .The room their in gets about 68 degrees so they have bottom heat & this mini light with top heat.Great little light.

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