GloFish 2.5 Gallon Corner LED Aquarium Kit

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11.75" L X 9" W X 11" H 2.5 gallons 45 GPH

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GloFish 2.5 Gallon Corner LED Aquarium Kit

GloFish 2.5 Gallon Corner LED Aquarium Kit

This GloFish Aquarium Kit has special color enhancing LED lights that will bring out the fluorescent colors of your freshwater tropical and fluorescent fish, while enhancing the look of any room! Bright and colorful during the day and vividly fluorescent at night, this GloFish aquarium kit will create the appearance that your fish are actually glowing in the dark. With special LED lighting designed to enhance the colors of your fish and a Mini-Might powerful filter, this kit is perfect for beginning aquarists. The LED lighting has 3 selectable options (Moon Glow, Daylight White, and Twilight Blue). Simply add brightly colored substrate, plants and fluorescent fish, and you're on your way to having a dazzling aquatic wonderland!


Getting Started

    See IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS section before operating this unit. Completely set up GloFish Aquarium Kit before plugging air pump and light in.
    1. Remove all parts from package carefully, place them on a table for easy assembly
    2. Placement of the GloFish Aquarium Kit is important. Do not set up the aquarium in front of a window or room that receives large amounts of direct sunlight since unwanted algae may grow. Algae utilizes sunlight as an energy source and heavy growths of unsightly algae can occur and cover rocks, decorations and the walls of the aquarium
    3. Usually an inside wall away from windows, heat vents and fireplaces is the best location to place the aquarium. Keep it away from airborne contaminants such as furniture polish, cigarette smoke, insect sprays, cooking aromas and spray pain. These fumes can enter the aquarium and harm your fish
    4. Place the GloFish Aquarium Kit on a level, strong surface that is able to support the weight of the assembled aquarium and cannot be damaged from water. Place the aquarium next to an electrical outlet to provide power for the light and pump.
    5. Install the Mini-Might Power filter as shown in the below instructions.
    6. Thoroughly rinse the gravel or substrate with freshwater. After rinsing gravel, place it on the bottom of the GloFish Aquarium Kit and spread it out evenly. Add any decorations you are going to use.
    7. Fill the GloFish Aquarium Kit with water to within one inch of the top. Do not overfill since spillage may occur. Add a tap water conditioner to the aquarium to remove any harmful chemicals from the tap water such as Chlorine, Chloramine and Ammonia. Run the aquarium 24 to 48 hours and test the water before adding fish
    8. Place the hood on top of the tank and make sure it is seated fully onto the top of the GloFish Aquarium Kit.
    9. Plug in the Transformer's small plug on the end of the cord into the back of the LED light unit and then plug the Transformer into a standard 110 volt wall socket. Use of a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) is always recommended when using electrical appliances around water.
    10. You can turn on and change the LED lights by pushing the push button switch on top of the LED light unit. DO NOT LEAVE RUNNING CONTINUOUSLY AS THIS WILL LESSEN THE LIFE SPAN OF THE LEDs. DO NOT OVERCROWD, we recommend only one inch of fish per gallon of water.

    Filter Installation

      Before installation, remove the Mini-Might filter from the box and uncoil the cord.
      Remove the adjustable hook from the filter pack pocket and attach it by rotating the hook 90° from the body and aligning one of the adjustment holes with the mating cleat.
      After insertion with the cleat, rotate the hook back 90° to vertical.
      Adjust the hook height using one of the 3 holes so that the OPTIMUM WATER LEVEL line on the housing is even with the filled water level in the tank.

Product Reviews
4 / 5
Not bad Posted February 6, 2014
texaco from Phoenix, AZ

What you pay is not bad for what you get.Pros:1. Mini, powerful filter2. Nice light with 4 color settings3. Holds decorations perfectly4. Great viewing anglesCons:1. The light is not sealed and there is no plastic cover for the top. Condensation gets in the light. Like the other reviews this will cause it to break.2. Filter is loud for it's sizeI ended up getting silicon gel and sealing the light edges myself. Will see how this holds up.I also opened up the filter assembly and cut down the size of the blades. This quieted the filter down and slowed the current. With all 4 blades, this can cycle 45 gallons per hour, way too fast for a 2.5 gallon tank.

2 / 5
Mostly bad Posted April 19, 2013
ObligatedPetOwner from Utah

I bought this tank for my daughter's glofish. The filter seems to be pretty good. If you keep the water level right near the top of the filter it remains quiet and does a good job breaking surface tension, but if the water level gets just a tiny bit lower it becomes much noisier. But what prompted me to write this review is the light. There's nothing good about it. I have it hooked up to a timer, but because it's an electronic switch on the light I have to manually turn it on each morning. It didn't take long before the lighting circuit started to short. It went down from 4 led lighting segments to 2, and now it is one. I took it apart to see what was going on. Inside it was corroding. The light casing is not water proof, so expect the LED lights to fail in under a year.If this is your first time shopping for a fish tank, please read up on articles around the internet. Contrary to what you'd expect, the larger tanks are better for beginners.

1 / 5
horrible horrible horrible Posted April 12, 2013
HappyScrapper from PA

There are so many things wrong with this tank.It makes me sick to know that people are going to think it's okay to put 4-6 "GloFish" (gentically altered zebra danios) in a tank this small. (FYI, they're a schooling fish, like to be in groups of five or more, and need at least 30 gallons).But my daughter wanted this tank for a single beta fish. I gave in, and almost immediately regretted it.The filter hangs off the back very loosely. It tips forward, side to side... but I thought, whatever, we'll just be careful not to bump it. A week later, the "moon light" burned out. Okay, whatever, the blue light and the natural one are still fine, and those are the two she likes to use. Two days later the natural light was gone, and a week after that, the blue light died. I've searched online for a replacement, and contacted the manufacturer, to no avail.What a waste of money!

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