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Petco Lobster with Catnip Cat Toy

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    • Bright red lobster catnip toy engages your cat’s senses during play
    • Plush cat toy releases enticing catnip aroma as your cat plays with it
    • Cute crustacean comes with felt claws, pom pom eyes and internal crinkle fabric to perk your cat’s interest
    • Loads of feline fun to be had stalking, pouncing and batting around this cute toy

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    Petco Lobster with Catnip Cat Toy

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    4" L X 5" W X 1" H SKU:1432630

    Petco Lobster with Catnip Cat Toy, 4.5" L X 2" W
    $2.99 $2.54


    Petco Lobster with Catnip Cat Toy

    Petco Lobster with Catnip Cat Toy – Plush Cat Toy & Catnip Toy

    You and your furry companion can have an underwater world of fun with the Petco Lobster with Catnip Cat Toy. This cute plush cat toy is bright red and features floppy felt claws, big pom pom eyes and plenty of catnip to entice your cat during play.

    While the catnip is sure to get your kitty interested, the crinkle fabric inside this plush cat toy will keep the game going. Your cat will love to stalk, pounce and bat this catnip toy around for hours.

    The Petco Lobster with Catnip Cat Toy is designed to keep your cat's mind stimulated, engage natural instincts, support dental health, and provide a creative outlet for play any time of day. A fun and bright catnip toy like this is an irresistible draw for your cat and can be a source of great amusement for cat parents too. Just like people, cats need a variety of activities to channel their energy and interests. A stimulating catnip toy like this little lobster will appeal to your pet’s senses of sight, sound, smell and touch. The crinkle noises you hear down the hall will tell you that your cat is having fun.

    A fun plush cat toy like the Petco Lobster with Catnip Cat Toy can provide hours of entertainment for your favorite feline and plenty of healthy exercise as well. Your cat will never have to go fishing for another favorite toy again.


    Warning: Intended for pet use only. Not a childs toy.

    Choose toys based on cats playing habits. Toys should be large enough to not be swallowed. Important: No pet toy is indestructible. Small parts present a choking or gastrointestinal blockage risk. Always supervise your pet during play to prevent accidental swallowing of parts. Inspsect toy regularly and replace if any part becomes loose. If toy becomes wet, some color transfer may occur. Spot clean only.