Exo-Terra Glass Terrarium

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Exo-Terra Glass Terrarium

Exo-Terra Glass Terrarium - Find this Desert Reptile Terrarium and Stunning Glass Terrarium Online at petco.com

This Exo-Terra Glass Terrarium is an ideal habitat for reptiles and amphibians. Designed by European herpetologists this stunning and durable glass terrarium boasts features that help to keep your reptile or amphibian healthy and happy, while also helping to make maintenance and feeding simpler and more convenient for you. The front opening doors of this desert reptile terrarium can be opened separately and have a specially designed locking mechanism, which allows for easy access as well as for escape prevention. Featuring full-screen top ventilation for ample UVB and infrared penetration, the top of this terrarium is completely removable, allowing you to easily decorate, clean and maintain this reptile habitat. The screen cover also includes five closeable wire or tube inlets on both sides to install accessories, such as heating elements, waterfalls, temperature or humidity sensors and more. Meanwhile, these handsome glass terrariums include a raised bottom plate to accommodate a substrate heater as well as an extra high fixed front window that is ideal for thick layers of substrates- perfect for burrowing reptiles or aquatic parts. Included is a natural-looking rock terrarium background that is easy to cut for a more custom look and fit, and offers an additional climbing surface. This Exo-Terra rock terrarium background creates a multi-dimensional habitat ideal for climbing reptiles and offers a natural look to your humid or dry reptile habitat.

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Product Reviews
5 / 5
Nice habitats... Posted February 23, 2014
Majic13 from

I love these. I have 2 male Leopard Geckos, so I bought 2 of them. They sit side-by-side, so the two of them are aware of each other, but can't fight. They are a much better environment than the converted fish tank I was using. I like the pseudo rock wall. It adds a nice touch to the environment and they can actually climb on it. One of them loves to climb so he's on the wall regularly, which he couldn't do with the all glass tank. They seem to be enjoying their new environment.One of the terrariums arrived with a broken piece of glass. I called Petco and they sent a replacement right away without hassle.

4 / 5
extra wide, extra tall 36x36x18 Terrarium Posted January 18, 2014
OregonSnakeLover from Oregon

VERY satisfied with the product itself. None of the local stores had it in stock and I had to have it shipped. My only complaint is that nothing on the shipped box indicated that it was "fragile" or "glass". It arrived via FedEx in a large truck. The driver assisted and when told it was glass, he had a very shocked look on his face. There was a small area of damage to the packaging but the tank was fine. Might be a good idea to clearly label a tank of this size if it is to shipped.

3 / 5
Exo-terra Glass Terrarium Posted January 16, 2014
breezy33 from Cincinnati, OH

The terrarium is a great product and would be a great home for my sons bearded dragon

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