Tetra Whisper PF10 Filtration System

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For 5-10 gallon Aquariums 90 GPH Model PF10

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Tetra Whisper PF10 Filtration System
The Tetra Whisper PF10 Power Filtration System is really three filters in one for cleaner water and healthier fish. The Tetra Power Filter 10 uses a 3-stage filtration process to create clean, healthy water for your fish. This dependable filter features ready-to-use cartridges that are easy to change, so you’ll enjoy low maintenance for as long as you own your filter!

The Tetra Power Filter 10 works 3 ways:
  1. It's a Mechanical Filter - The filter pulls water from the aquarium and pushes it through the filter cartridge where the dense, dual-sided mesh catches debris and waste.
  2. It's a Chemical Filter - Ultra-Activated® carbon removes odors and discoloration better than competing cartridges.
  3. It's a Biological Filter - Bio-Foam® creates a large 3-dimensional area for cultivating aerobic bacteria, which eliminate toxic ammonia and nitrites. No moving parts means long-term reliability.


Using the Power Filter

  1. Rinse filter cartridge and slide into v-notched slot in filter box walls. (Note: Before installing, fill wells with water and check for leaks.)
  2. Remove Bio-Foam® from Aerobic Grid®. Rinse it in cold water, squeezing until it is thoroughly wet. Place the Bio-Foam® back into the Aerobic Grid® and slide it into the filter box next to the filter cartridge.
  3. Hang filter tank on rear wall of aquarium.
  4. Assemble the Intake Tube.
  5. Slide Intake Tube Assembly into filter box so that the impeller slides all the way into the Energizer Well. If necessary, add or remove extension tubes to position the strainer at least one inch above gravel. (Leave three inches above gravel for cichlids and goldfish.)
  6. Pour water into the filter box until it overflows into aquarium.
  7. Cover the filter and fill your aquarium with water (1/2" to 1 ¼" from top).
  8. Plug in power cord; the filter should start automatically within 30 seconds.
  9. If filter does not start, open cover and slide Intake Tube Assembly up and down with one or two short strokes. Replace cover.
  10. Squeeze start button on Timestrip® and place it in compartment on filter hood so that the white area shows through the window. The bottom of the white timeline will darken approximately 30 seconds after activation. (Important: If bottom of timeline does not darken, then the Timestrip® has not been activated and you need to squeeze the button again.)

Changing the Filter Cartridge
When the Timestrip® in the filtration system's hood has turned completely red, it is time to change your filter. Note: It is important to change your filter cartridge when the Timestrip® indicates because the carbon in the cartridge has reached its capacity for removing toxins.

Using a ready-to-use, assembled Filter Cartridge
  • Lift filter box cover.
  • Remove Filter Cartridge and insert it into the drain rest located at the top of the filter's spillway. Let excess water drip from the cartridge (approximately 1-2 minutes).
  • Dispose in garbage can.
  • Rinse new Filter Cartridge , insert into filter, replace filter cover.
  • Replace the Timestrip® in the filtration system's hood as explained under “Using the Power Filter”.

Using an unassembled Filter Cartridge
  • Remove Filter Cartridge and insert it into the drain rest located at the top of the filter's spillway. Let excess water drip from the cartridge (approximately 1-2 minutes).
  • Remove clip from frame, fold up frame flap, and remove floss bag from frame. Place new floss bag over frame. (See illustration B in instruction manual.)
  • Add one packet of Ultra-Activated® carbon. (See illustration C in instruction manual.)
  • Fold flaps of Aerobic Frame over filter bag and replace clip. (See illustration D in instruction manual.)
  • Rinse Filter Cartridge, insert into filter, replace filter cover.
  • Replace the Timestrip® in the filtration system's hood as explained under “Using the Power Filter”.
Maintaining the Energizer
Caution: Only remove the Energizer when absolutely necessary.
  • Unplug power cord, empty filter box, and place it upside down on a flat surface.
  • Grasp Energizer with one hand and filter box with the other. Gently turn Energizer counter-clockwise until its sidewall is parallel to the rear wall of the filter box. (See illustration E in the instruction manual.)
  • Hold filter box with one hand and gently pull the Energizer with the other. (If necessary, rock the Energizer back and forth to ease removal.)
  • Clean inside of Energizer Well with a Q-Tip cotton swab. Do not use a metal instrument of any kind. Before replacing the Energizer, wet the "o-ring" with water, or coat its surface with a small amount of non-medicated petroleum jelly. (See illustration F in instruction manual.)
  • Replace Energizer and fill filter box with water. Check to be sure that Energizer is seated properly and does not leak. (When seated properly, the red o-ring will not be visible.)
  • Re-install filter
Cleaning the Intake Tube Assembly
  • Unplug power cord and lift the filter box cover.
  • Lift Intake Tube Assembly out of filter.
  • Clean all parts under running water. If needed, use a small cleaning brush to loosen particles.
  • Reinstall the Intake Tube Assembly.

Product Reviews
5 / 5
Easy yo use and very economical. Posted December 27, 2013
Jwoodward from Kentucky, USA

A quality little H.O.B filter that gets the job done. I have 10 of these filters ranging in size from a Jr. on a 5 gallon tank to a whisper 5 on a 75 gallon tank. Some of my filters are over 20 years old and still performing well. My newest filter is the Whisper 60 that is installed in a 29 gallon tank. I chose this filter because of my past reliability results and the ability to control the flow rate. Most filters on the market today do not offer adjustable flow rates and to me this is a very important feature. I purchase a larger filter than the tank rating so if I need more filtration I can simply turn up the flow. When I don't need it I can simply turn it down. I like being able to turn the filter to low during feeding time so I feed the fish and not the filter. Filter replacement media for these filters is widely available and very economical.

5 / 5
BENZEEL from Pomona, CA

I bought my first Whisper power filter 24 years ago for my first fish tank. I still use them because they work! They are so easy to use and have a low price. Nice and quiet too! They come with Bio foam to grow beneficial bacteria. The filter cartridges are inexpensive and trap a lot of dirt and gunk. I own 4 of these filters and love them! They practically last forever too! Why buy some complicated over-priced filter? Get one of these! A great investment for your fishy friends!

1 / 5
This filter is ineffective Posted April 7, 2014
Fishcalmness from Coatesville, PA 19320, USA

I have used the Whisper filter system for years and have been very pleased with them. Sad to see the old exterinal style phased out and had to purchase this in tank system. My tank developed a scum on top after a while and when cleaning out the tank after about 2 months of use (yes, I admit, I am a very bad fish tank caretaker) the filter still looked clean. The old style would have looked like a layer of mud caked on it. I will be looking for a new filter and it will not be a Tetra.

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