ProCollar Premium Inflatable Protective Collar

$19.99 - $39.99
$14.99 - $29.99  (Save up to 25%)

Product Details
  • Soft, comfy inflatable collar for injuries, rashes or post surgery
  • Will not mark or scrape furniture
  • Durable canvas jacket protects air bladder completely from scratches and bites
  • Does not block your pet's vision
  • Machine washable

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ProCollar Premium Inflatable Protective Collar

The ProCollar is a great alternative to the traditional E-Collar, providing less stress for a quicker healing time! The ProCollar is very well tolerated by dogs and cats because it does not interfere with their vision. Pets wearing the ProCollar are able to eat, sleep and play at ease while staying protected. It is made of a vinyl inner bladder that is inflated through a two-way air valve, much like a beach ball. Once inflated, the size and thickness of the ProCollar function as a soft deterrent. The inner bladder is protected by a durable and comfortable canvas jacket to resist against bites and scratches. The ProCollar is held in place by inserting the pet's everyday collar through the ProCollar’s three inner rings. The Velcro strap should be placed at the back of the neck and then adjusted for a custom fit. For proper sizing, measure your pet's neck.

For breeds with longer limbs or breeds in between sizes, always size up!

Always monitor a pet post-surgery to ensure collar is working properly. Some pets may be able to maneuver around any collar.

Here are some examples of breeds with ProCollar sizing:

  • X-Small: Chihuahuas and Toy-like breeds, cats
  • Small: Yorkie, Maltese-like breeds
  • Medium: Boston Terrier, Beagle-like breeds
  • Large: Boxer, Australian Shepherd-like breeds
  • X-Large: Labrador, Golden Retriever-like breeds
  • XX-Large: German Shepherd, Mastiff-like breeds


To secure ProCollar in place: Make sure that your pet's everyday collar goes through the inner ring straps of the ProCollar. Securely fasten pet's everyday collar. Inflate ProCollar via air valve (do not use a compressor). Connect Velcro strap on the ProCollar.

For larger breeds with longer limbs, or breeds in between sizes, always size up.

Always monitor a pet post-surgery to ensure collar is working properly. Some pets may be able to maneuver around any collar.

Product Reviews
5 / 5
Great item! Posted March 28, 2014
f155hurler from Klamath Falls, OR

Brought our boy home from surgery with lamp shade. He was so scared. Quickly ran down and found the ProCollar. His change was immediate. He could see. He could hear. And he wasn't running in to everything around the house. Will definitely hold on to this great product. Who wife might make me wear it after a future surgery :-). Your dog will love you for getting one of these!

5 / 5
Works great for cats! Posted March 7, 2014
catzzz from Kirkland, WA

Previous reviews have commented on the lack of resilience of this product but I purchased the small for my larger male cat and it works great! I think this product works best for smaller/weaker animals as it is inflatable and can definitely tear or pop with enough pressure. My cat is comfortable and doesn't seem to notice it anymore. As a bonus, it look ridiculous on him. (see picture).

1 / 5
Do not buy. Posted February 17, 2014
Gugaman from Georgia

I bought two of these. Both will not hold air. Even if they did, they would not keep my dog from chewing on himself. Do not waste your money.

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